What do you call yours?


I have been doing a lot of different jobs within the London adult entertainment industry. When I first started in the industry about five years ago. I started by stripping around different clubs in and around London. It was kind of the easiest way to get involved in the industry, and I knew what I was doing once I was on stage. It paid okay and kind of suited my lifestyle at the time which was all about partying rather hard.


After stripping for a while, I started to think that it was not a very personal job. Most of the gents who go to strip bars in London don’t know the name of their stripper. It kind of started to annoy me a little bit. A few of the other girls here at https://www.charlotteaction.org London escorts used to strip as well, and many of them said that they found the experience a little bit impersonal. In the end, I left stripping because it annoyed me that my gents did not even know my name.

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When I left the strip club, I started to work as hostess in a club. It was a private club and it was always really buys. Most of the gents who attended to the club were nice, but they really did not have a lot of manners when it came to treating women right. They kept calling the girls love, darling and all sorts of other names. Considering that many of them came in almost every night, you would have thought that they may have had a clue what your name was. Once again, many girls at London escorts said that they had the same experience.


It was after having worked as a hostess for about six months, I finally got a job with London escorts. At first it felt really strange using my own name and that my gents called me by it. It was very much like an experience of being really me, and getting to know myself again. I love working for the agency and it is a much better personal experience. Most of the girls say that they like that part of the job, and I must admit that I do agree.


If I had known what I know today, I may have joined London escorts first of all. However, I think that it did me some good doing the other jobs. I have kept some of the gents from the club and I do still meet up with them. They seem to behave totally different when they meet up with me now. None of them have forgotten my name and I like the fact that I have had a chance to get to know them. There is no loud music and you can just talk. Perhaps the other gents that I met never heard my name being said. I think that might be the answer looking at things from a positive point of view.  No more loud music for me, but the odd heavy gasp of air would be good.


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