I am the luckiest when I marry Tricia a Battersea Escorts


People’s fulfillment could be marriage since you already find your great love. In life, you only need one person that can indeed support and love you for the rest of your life, since everything will follow then. Lucky are those couples who have stayed strong and still together for years. I always dream to have a complete family just like ours. My parents have never abandoned us no matter how hard life is. Our family is my role model and hopeful that will happen to me. We are not prosperous, and we work hard for our living. Despite it, I had to continue my studies and finished it until high school. Due to the high rate of expense in college, my parents asked me to go to my uncle at Battersea for he is to fund my studies. I love the idea of education, and I will work hard to earn it.

Battersea is a place where you can find the large Battersea Park, the most famous feature upmarket residential area, in a district of south-west London, England. My uncle’s family gives me a warm welcome and tour me to the place. The place is astonishing and finds the most expensive restaurants. You can stroll around the area and eat affordable street foods. After weeks of hangouts, I have enrolled in Elegant International College, there I have met Tricia. She is the only person I notice since among all the students; she is quiet and deep think. Sometimes, she comes late nor absent. I was curious about her since she goes to school restless. One day, I have seen her alone at the canteen and sit beside her. I have offered her food to eat. We talked for a while and suddenly bursts into tears. She told me about her work and her problems. Through the money, she gets being a Battersea escort from https://charlotteaction.org/battersea-escorts; she finances herself to school. She is away from her family and keeps sending money to them due to difficulty.

I have understood her situation and become close to her. I help her make her projects and homework when she is too much tired. She also treats me and hangs out to me during free days. As days passed, I fell in love with her. We both graduated and expressed my feelings with her. She said “Yes” to me, and I was happy. We took care of our relationship to keep it healthy. We agree with most of the things. I had found a stable job and bought my own house. I had also help my family too. I was ready to settle down and asked Tricia; she said “yes” to my proposal. After three months, we get married and start a family. I am the luckiest when I marry Tricia a Battersea Escorts.

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